Transport and Logistics

The range of issues faced by transportation & logistics companies strongly varies depending on the type of transportation. On the one hand, there is railway transportation, with Russian Railways enjoying a monopoly and tight tariff regulations predominant in most segments, and on the other hand, there is a highly fragmented car transportation sector with very loose state regulation.

Transportation & logistics development trends have been driven by shifts in customer preferences from cargo transportation to the provision of comprehensive services, including multimodal transportation, cargo processing (with sorting, palletising and consolidation at logistics terminals) and even customer supply chain management. The market is also being influenced by structural reform of the railways, with the privatisation of wagon fleets and the setting-up of a private carrier pool scheduled for the upcoming years. Big cities are planning for the introduction of a number of measures aimed at decreasing the number of trucks on their streets and road networks, which will lead to the redistribution of cargo flows among alternative types of transportation. This needs be taken into account by transportation companies when planning any potential moves in the market.

For over 10 years, Strategy Partners Group has been actively engaged in working on the challenges in the transportation & logistics sector, with our support provided both to businesses and regional governments. Over this time we have delivered more than 20 projects, and today we are assisting companies:

  • To increase their competitiveness on the market and to identify new services as potential sources of growth
  • To identify the best structures from the point of view of integration and to develop corporate portfolios to ensure maximum business value creation
  • To increaseproductivity& operatingefficiency
  • To establish efficient ways to interact with the state, attracting the latter to assist in realising win-win strategic projects

Regions and cities:

  • To develop a transportation & logistics system that is to the maximum extent possible aligned with the industrial and social potential of a customer, either in terms of a regions comprehensive strategy or as an independent project.

To accomplish projects in the regions and urban areas, Strategy Partners Group has established partnerships with such companies as Cambridge Systematics and AECOM the global leaders in transportation planning.

Key services:

  • Elaboration of development strategies aimed at maximising the value of a business
  • Optimisation of organisational structures and subsidiary management systems
  • Optimisation of investment programs
  • Development of regional transportation & logistics systems
  • Development of strategies for urban transportation

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