Technology, Media and Telecommunications

The rapid growth in demand for the transfer of new technology & access to information is changing the landscape of the information & communications industry in a revolutionary way.

The appearance of new technology and the fall in prices for operating equipment has led to sharper competition on the telecoms market and, subsequently, to lower information transfer costs. As a result, the traditional operators face the threat of having their services commoditised, a threat made worse by being combined with lower income and the growing importance of content suppliers. Faced with sharpening competition, telecoms companies have started seeking for new opportunities in developing markets and have been preparing for expansion into the media & entertainment industry.

At the same time, traditional media industry players are transforming their business models in an attempt to compensate for losses caused by the shift of billions of potential customers to the Internet, with its free content and constantly developing social networks, Web 2.0 services and peer-to-peer file exchange technology.

Converging technology & blurring market segment borders, on the one hand, are forcing the telecoms & media industry players to look for business diversification opportunities and to ensure the sustainability of their business models, while on the other hand, providing for improvements in operational efficiency.

Today, the most pressing industry issues are:

  • The transformation of business models to ensure sustained future growth
  • The selection of expansion areas for your business model
  • The selection of technology to aid development
  • The development of new projects: Greenfield vs. M&A
  • The improvement of a businesss operational efficiency
  • The finding of strategic investors for capital intensive projects

Strategy Partners Group has vast experience in supporting companies in the IT, media & telecoms industries. Among our customers are leading mobile & land-line operators, major media holdings, and leading Russian publishing houses. Our portfolio includes both projects for strategy development and projects for operational efficiency improvement.

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