In an uncertain environment, the cost of making a mistake can be very high, and thus the role of strategic planning becomes critical. Influenced by global trends, a considerable number of sectors in the economy are undergoing deep transformative processes in the search for new and viable business models.

Your company could be losing its market position or profitability; or maybe new WTO rules are coming into force; or perhaps government regulations are changing. You might be looking for new growth opportunities; or facing privatisation or an IPO; or perhaps there is a new CEO or the shareholders of your company have changed: whatever challenges you face, there are always a multitude of situations when the company management need to clearly formulate their own vision for the future, assessing possibilities with risk, and finding a way to fully realise the existing potential of your business and develop new and creative ideas to allow the company to successfully compete and grow despite the turbulence of the world around you.

Strategy Partners Group is the only Russian company that has successfully been competing in the Russian and CIS market against the worlds leading competition, with strategy planning being at the core of our business. We have been providing consulting services for more than twenty years and have accumulated rich experience & intellectual capital in almost every key sector of the economy, as well as developing a pool of world-class experts. Our consultants have provided professional support services to more than 60% of the top-100 leading Russian corporations, helping them develop their strategic plans, and also aided a number of major global players with strategies for entering the Russian market.

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