Development of Competiveness Program for a Federal University


  • The Siberian Federal University (SibFU) is one of the biggest Russians universities. It is located in the Siberian part of Russia and provides education both in human studies and technical sciences. One of the main aims of the University is increasing the knowledge level of its graduates. In order to improve its competiveness the SibFU has to develop a strategy of improving its position in international rankings and to prepare an application for public support to the Russian Ministryof Education and Science.


  • To increase the SibFU’s competiveness and to improve its position in international rankings through developing a strategy for achieving high performance and increasing its attractiveness among school-leavers and employers.

Our approach

  • Analysis of the current position of the University in international rankings;
  • Classification of the existing university patterns and defining to which group the SibFU belongs to;
  • Definition of university patterns and their strong points;
  • Analysis of the SibFU’s worst indicators and the identification of the reasons for weak positions in international rankings;
  • Definition of key target indicators that reflect the SibFU’s position in world rankings in 2020;
  • Forming a list of strategic initiatives and measures aimed at eliminating problems and ensuring the growth of the SibFU’s competiveness.


  • A strategy of increasing the SibFU’s international competiveness and improving its position in international rankings was developed;
  • Within the project special initiatives to increase the SibFU’s international competiveness were worked out in detail;
  • A model of demand for competences and admitting students was developed.


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