Development of Increasing Regional Competiveness Program-2030


  •  A strategy, and a program, of increasing regional competiveness up to 2030 needed to be developed for Samara oblast. Their objective was to boost small and medium-sized businesses (SMB);
  • Efficiency of regional support for SMB needed to be improved.


  • To propose measures for support to entrepreneurship and SMB in Samara oblast and to give recommendations aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the existing programs and institutions in the region.

Our approach

  • Assessment of the level of SMB development in the region and make a comparative analysis of SMB development in Samara oblast, other Russian regions and foreign countries;
  • Evaluation of the business climate and the conditions for development of SMB based on the analysis of statistical data and the survey results of companies in the major clusters of the region;
  • Analysis of the institutional support to entrepreneurship and SMB in Samara oblast;
  • Development of recommendations for improving conditions for SMB and entrepreneurship in Samara oblast.


  • Recommendations for introducing new policy tools and for improving the existing ones;
  • Support measures for entrepreneurship and SMB in Samara oblast.


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