Analyzing maintenance and repair management processes


  • The client is a heat network company, a branch of a large Russian energy corporation. The client owns and uses mains and specific heating systems, heating units and urban boilers in different regional centers within the Russian Federation


  • To analyze the client’s management processes involved in maintaining and repairing the heat supply network
  • To identify initiatives to improve the business processes in the client’s maintenance and repair management and in corresponding organizational structures
  • To develop and agree a financial model to show the financial effect of the changes

Our approach

  • Analysis was conducted using the standard set of tools: observation and monitoring of how key processes were carried out, interviewing those taking part in the processes, analyzing historical and current data. As part of the basis on which Strategy Partners Group formed its recommendations, the client’s thermal power expertise was utilized


  • Analysis was completed on how maintenance and repair processes were being managed, and an implementation plan to assess the financial benefits of introducing the individual schemes was introduced. Recommendations were provided on how to improve the organizational structure of the target, as well as its operational units
  • Developed and agreed with the client a financial model to reflect the financial effect of the implemented changes


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