Increase operational efficiency in building processes at a pilot project for a major holding


  • The client is a major investment and construction holding in the CIS
  • Its main areas of activity are in the civil, infrastructure and industrial construction sectors
  • The company has a local market share of around 40%


  • To increase operational efficiency in building processes via introduction of Lean Construction at a pilot project in the following ways:
    • To reduce the time spent on construction;
    • To optimize facility construction costs;
    • To improve the supply channels and quality of construction at the pilot site.

Our approach

  • Stage 1. Analyze construction processes, observe how building projects operate in reality, analyze existing quality and supply systems, develop recommendations on how to improve things further
  • Stage 2. A test cycle is rolled out to make processes more efficient. Specialized tools are introduced in key areas to deliver improvements
  • Stage 3. First cycle to improve process efficiency. Adjusted the tools developed to deal with the previous problems, should they reoccur. Control use of the selected tools to improve the efficiency of key processes
  • Stage4. Standard process optimization


  • Implementation of the initiatives allowed for the actual volume of building to increase 139% when compared with the beginning of the project, including accelerating the introduction of new operations by 25-30%
  • The project resulted in a 15.4% financial benefit (NPV)


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