Improve management of energy balances


  • The client was interested in improving its efficiency in managing energy balances with the aim of identifying and eliminating heat losses


  • To develop and optimize energy balance management processes
  • To test the optimized processes, collect feedback from stakeholders
  • To approve the optimized processes and development standards
  • To introduce the optimized processes, and prepare them for firm-wide replication

Our approach

  • Analyzed energy-balance management processes in localized and mains networks
  • Understood the reasons for misbalance and breakages in each department in every branch
  • Explored the possible methods heat from the boiler station could be calculated, identifying the best methods to deliver internal balance
  • Analyzed the methodology by which normal losses were calculated internally. Selected the optimal methodology to calculate normal internal losses


  • Drafted regulations controlling interactions between branches in their attempts to manage and balance thermal energy networks
  • Created a methodology to analytically identify the reasons for any misbalances
  • Reduced the time spent corrected misbalances
  • Created a control system to efficiently introduce energy-balance management processes in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and removing exclusive zones of responsibility from branches
  • Created a plan to replicate this energy-balance management initiative in different branches


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