Optimizing control systems and eliminating deviations


  • The client was interested in increasing the effectiveness of managing deviations in the technological parameters in thermal heating stations


  • To create a system to control, monitor and eliminate deviations in thermal station parameters, guaranteeing a stable level of process parameters at the thermal station and reducing response times to eliminate deviations. Increasing maintenance and operational productivity at the thermal stations

Our approach

The project was conducted in four stages:

  • Development of the optimal processes to manage differing parameters
  • Testing the optimized processes and choosing the best option
  • Agreeing the optimized processes and developing standards
  • Introducing the new processes and preparing them for replication


  • Were identified the key indicators to show the efficiency of the optimized processes
  • A new management procedure was developed to stop deviations in thermal power station parameters which had been tested in different areas of the organization’s processes, with the best ones being chosen
  • The financial effect from adopting the optimized processes was calculated
  • Were developed regulations to control the newly optimized processes
  • Were identified the necessary changes to the organizational structures and number of personnel in the company
  • Was formed a mobile unite of engineers to deal with deviations away from the set parameters, under the control of a dedicated controller
  • Introduced changes to the work performed by operators at thermal stations
  • Introduced constant calculation and control of the processes’ key efficiency indicators, identifying the actual financial results


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