Increasing the effectiveness of diagnostic and control systems


  • A leading Russian thermal and heat energy network company wanted to assess the processes in its operational units to identify ways to improve efficiency in analyzing and controlling its heating networks


  • To optimize the diagnostics systems within the heating systems, including the renewal of equipment and changes to operational processes
  • To develop a system of control to assess sections of the heating network along with systems to ensure decisions about the modernization and repair of critical areas are taken
  • To develop and introduce all of the needed regulations for the optimized processes

Our approach

The project was divided into 4 stages, in which the consultants team and pilot operating units’ working group implemented the following steps:

  • Streamlined the processes and selected equipment alternatives
  • Performed tests on the new, improved processes in chosen subsidiaries on selected equipment
  • Developed regulations for the processes and taught them to diagnostic personnel in the pilot units
  • Introduced the streamlined processes into the pilot units and renewed the investment programme on relaying heating networks as a result


  • Was developed and implemented a comprehensive system for diagnosis, analysis and evaluation of thermal networks
  • Was adjusted the investment program on the basis of the introduced system by more than 1/3 by including more priority sites that required new heating networks and excluding those in fine working condition


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