Increasing efficiency


  • A large Russian heating network company wanted to analyze the operational processes in its subdivisions and identify potential to increase efficiency in its emergency systems and improve preventative maintenance


  • To optimize all normal and emergency work systems
  • To optimize the organization’s systems and conduct preventative maintenance work
  • To develop and implement regulations for the optimized processes

Our approach

The project was divided into 4 stages, in which the consultants team and pilot operating units’ working group implemented the following steps:

  • Worked out the optimized systems to be implemented
  • Tested the optimized processes in selected subdivisions of the firm, monitoring the optimization effect carefully
  • Developed regulations for the optimized processes and trained maintenance personnel in the pilot branch
  • Introducing the fully optimized processes at the pilot branch and benefitting from the actual financial improvements


  • Was integrated optimization of all repair processes and creation of a database to aid replication in the company’s different subdivisions
  • Achieving financial benefit of 80 million Roubles in the pilot branch (more than 900 million Roubles was saved following roll out of the project to all of the company’s divisions)


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