Diagnostic analysis and development of optimization proposals


  • The company’s management, as one of its strategic tasks to achieve business growth, identified increasing the reliability of the services it provides and increasing efficiency as key areas


  • To analyze production management of business processes
  • To prepare a list of initiatives to improve the efficiency of business processes and assess their potential economic impact, including their impact on reliability. To identify priorities.
  • For the most urgent tasks, to develop solutions for the business processes, providing key efficiency indicators, process maps and automation requirements
  • To develop an implementation plan for the initiatives, along with a control mechanism

Our approach

  • Interviewed the heads of companies and production units, and those in charge of business processes and executive staff
  • For a number of production processes (such as dispatching management, operation and maintenance of heating network equipment), field observations allowed for working days to be mapped
  • Designed high level business process maps, defining the requirements for input data and process results, as well as defining performance indicators and the methods by which they are calculated
  • Analyzed best practice in comparable Russian and foreign companies
  • Created an A3 report on the possibilities of increasing efficiency
  • Developed a model for the most urgent issues to be tackled, forming a short list of the key initiatives to improve business processes
  • In coordination with the client’s working groups, developed and agreed new key process maps


  • Was developed a list of initiatives, ranked according to importance, by which business process efficiency can be improved
  • Detailed requirements for the key processes were developed, along with a map of optimized processes and the key efficiency indicators
  • Was presented a realization plan with a set of recommendations to manage implementation


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