Analyzed productivity, assessed the potential to increase efficiency


  • A large Russian machine building company in the oil drilling sector had problems with productivity levels, which did not rise above 50% of the target levels during the last three years


  • To conduct diagnostic analysis of productivity at all units in the production chain
  • To conduct diagnostic analysis of subsidiary production units
  • To conduct diagnostic analysis on the organizational structure and enterprise management systems
  • To assess the potential to increase efficiency and develop initiatives to release it

Our approach

  • Observed production processes and identified systemic problems in the following areas:
    • the efficiency of equipment and productive infrastructure
    • the efficiency of human resources; problems with motivation systems
    • the efficiency of quality control management and systems to reduce the number of defects
    • the efficiency of management systems over repairs
    • the efficiency of the organizational model as well as enterprise management systems
  • Assessed the potential to increase productivity and reduce operational losses
  • Developed a program of measures to achieve the identified potential


  • Possibilities to increase production volumes and utilization of the enterprises productive capacity by 25% were identified. Payroll was reduced by 20%, reducing the number of managers from 11 to 4.
  • Was developed a list of initiatives and a plan for their implementation


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