Development of a long-term corporate strategy


  • The client’s main activities are concentrated in 20 different sectors, with it having 25 internally formed holding companies, all developing their own growth strategies
  • The next stage has to be the creation of a permanent system of strategic management, which must permeate the organization from the corporation’s center and its holding company out to its individual businesses


  • To create a long-term development strategy for the client. To identify different development scenarios
  • To develop a financial model and identify the financial indicators that will define performance
  • To corm the corporate business portfolio, identifying the priorities for investment decisions
  • To develop an action plan for the client for the long-term to change the business portfolio and deliver strategic development
  • To provide recommendations regarding optimization of the organizational structure

Our approach

  • Interviewed those involved with creating and examined the preliminary versions of the strategies for all of the companies belonging to the holding company
  • High-level analysis of the client’s current activities and the markets within which it operates
  • Analyzed international experience, assessing the expectations and demands of stakeholders
  • Selected alternative development models for the client
  • Based on international experience, developed an entire organizational model
  • Identified priorities and measures to achieve the chosen development strategy in the whole organization’s structure
  • Built a financial model based on the holding company’s forecasts
  • Identified strategy realization parameters


  • Developed long-term growth strategy that was approved by the supervisory board of the corporation


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