Analysis of organizational processes


  • To conduct diagnostic analysis of operational processes, identifying the potential to increase operational efficiency


  • To assess the current processes within the heat network company
  • To analyze the maintenance and planned equipment servicing processes in one branch
  • To analyze emergency repair processes and systems for reacting to emergency situations
  • To Assess auxiliary processes
  • To analyze coordination and auxiliary processes between branches with a focus on sales, supply and equipment repair processes
  • To analyze the efficiency of management systems in a branch
  • To identify the main levers that control efficiency within the studied processes
  • To assess the potential to increase efficiency within the studied processes
  • To create a general introduction plan to bring in measures aimed at increasing operational efficiency

Our approach and results

  • 30 days of studying the production processes, with 100% of the time spent at the client’s facilities. Study the key processes, interview those taking part in them, analyze historical data, consultation with international experts
  • Maintained and planned servicing for the equipment
  • Conducted emergency work and tested emergency reaction systems to unplanned situations
  • Auxiliary processes: tested safety equipment, supplies, warehousing, human resources, the labour and wage departments, and the financial and economic internal services
  • Assessed cooperation between branches


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