Developed an innovation-based technology strategy for growth


  • The client is a government company working to develop the chemicals sector
  • The company’s main shareholder is tasked with creating an innovative technology strategy for development


  • To create an unified plan for the company to design and introduce a system to manage technological innovation
  • To identify possible directions to push the development of innovative technology

Our approach

  • Evaluated the level of innovation in the company, including levels of technological and managerial innovation
  • Studied the leading global best practice regarding the introduction of technological and management innovation
  • Special attention was paid to the system to control management innovation as one of the core mechanisms to manage the creation, adaptation and implementation of innovative solutions
  • Innovative development of the company was formulated in coordination with the company’s strategic objectives
  • The priority areas for the development of innovative technology in the company were chosen


  • The requirements to ensure long-term growth in the Company’s value from its innovative technology were identified, as well as future areas to develop
  • Systems were developed:
    • To manage the company’s innovation and technology activities;
    • To monitor and control innovation and technological development in the company and in its subsidiaries;
    • To assess and manage risks in the company, etc.
  • Provided recommendations on how to develop an innovation culture and install the infrastructure to facilitate innovative technological activities


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