Medium-term Strategy Development


  • A commercial company specializing in constructing infrastructure in Russia and abroad found itself in difficult financial circumstances, limiting its development in Russia and in foreign markets. The largest problem was in the company’s blurred strategic focus and in numerous organizational problems


  • To analyze the current situation in the company
  • To identify a strategic vision for the shareholders and company management, enabling them to choose from a number of strategic alternatives
  • To identify the company’s position in the medium term, model how management by foreign operators works, and model how domestic management works

Our approach

  • To analyze the volume, structure and sector dynamics in different geographically-defined markets
  • Used industry segmentation, as applied in international best practice
  • Conducted analysis of the sub-segments in relevant construction markets and identified segments with highest priority in terms of attractiveness and reachability
  • Considered investment programs and portfolios of projects from the largest customers in the construction industry
  • Analyzed existing best practice regarding operational models in the world of construction
  • Identified the key success factors for each operational model, assessing how achievable they are for the company


  • Conducted detailed diagnostic analysis of the current situation in the company to identify strengths and weaknesses in the client’s business
  • Developed a medium-term development strategy for the client (approved by the client’s Board of directors)


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