Improving management over Oil Production


  • To develop the business rationale for a set of initiatives to increase the efficiency of oil production
  • The developed business case should allow the company to understand the necessity of delivering projects in the following areas:
    • Implementation of an organizational change program, and implementation of targeted business processes
    • Introduction of targeted application systems and technologies that enhance the efficiency of business processes

Our approach

  • Prepared and agreed regulations, aims, approaches, the methodological base, project standards, and the classifications of business processes
  • Analyzed business processes from the point of view of international best practice, identifying areas for improvement of organizational processes
  • Planning and developing recommendations to improve processes and structures and create the business rationale for different initiatives


  • Performance of a detailed survey of business processes in the company’s organizational framework: including in its central office, typical oil-producing subsidiaries, and the wholly-owned gas production subsidiary
  • Were developed models for business processes up to the fourth level of detail for all of the major activities carried out by the extraction companies, as well as for most of the ancillary activities (finance, HR, etc.)
  • Recommendations were given to improve the size and scale (from enhancements to full enterprise-wide initiatives) of most business processes


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