Investment Management System Optimization


  • To conduct diagnostic analysis on the effectiveness of the investment management process by studying the key processes and internal documents, and by comparing these against global best practice
  • To create alternative investment management systems, and together with the company, choose the best option
  • To develop a detailed implementation plan

Our approach

  • Analyzed the condition of oil refinery equipment. For implementation of the project, an approach was used in which the entire investment process and its participants were oriented on creating the maximum value from the company’s invested  capital
  • Conducted a number of interviews with the key managers involved in the investment process
  • Analyzed internal documents, including the company’s database of company investment projects
  • Experts from BP, Mobil and Shell were brought in to the company to facilitate the project
  • A seminar was held on the results of the work for the company’s managers


  • Identified three fundamental problems in the investment process all based on the absence of statistics on the efficient use of investment capital
  • Was created an alternative investment management system by choosing the most optimal variant available
  • A detailed implementation plan identifying the main tasks needed to increase the efficiency of the investment process was developed
  • Reduced the amount of capital needed as a result of implementing the project by around 100 million dollars


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