Developing a strategy for the bunker fuel market


  • To develop a strategy for a company in the bunker fuel market

Our approach

  • Analyzed the fuel market for tankers, and compared actual and potential growth and the volume of jet fuel on the market
  • Assessed the dependency of prices on oil and the profitability of achieving the fuel-for-tanker plans
  • Analyze best practice among rival companies in the fuel tanker sector
  • Analyze laws governing the fuel tanker sector
  • Analyze the potential demand for fuel and the potential competition in Russia’s largest ports


  • Developed a strategy to enter the fuel tanker market, allowing it to assess two basic steps:
  • Enter the market as a first stage, searching for fuel tanker suppliers, and identifying the priority market players with the aim of absorbing them
  • The second stage is to increase the client base and to optimize use of the company’s assets


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