Developing a strategy for the oil refinery segment


  • To develop strategic alternatives to develop an oil refining company in the conditions of:
    • Customers being deterred towards quality oil and diesel fuel
    • Reducing prices for oil products due to the arrival of Asian firms and falling demand

Our approach

  • Conducted an analysis of the sector: analyzing the relationship between demand and preexisting oil refining offers on the market; analyzed the portfolio, strategy and key success factors of the sector leaders; analyzed M&A deals in the market
  • Identified key trends and shifts in consumer tastes
  • Forecast profitability per segment to create a market structure
  • Analyzed inter-regional supply trends
  • Identified possible strategic alternatives using game theory
  • Created a set of strategic alternatives


  • reated a long-term forecast for how the market will develop
  • Generated and described a selection of strategic alternatives


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