Development of a Corporate Strategy


  • To develop an internal monitoring system to assess the company’s activities
  • To develop a strategic planning process for the company’s actions
  • To create a comprehensive tool for modelling the results of the company’s actions in the medium and long-term

Our approach

  • Analyzing the strategic planning process at the highest level, incorporating different company processes; describing the activities at each stage in the strategic process and the roles and responsibilities of each operative in the process
  • Creating a project methodology and management of strategic planning
  • Developing strategic planning efficiency ratings at the company level and at the level of the business segments
  • Analyzing strategic initiatives and the results of the company’s activities
  • The results of the company’s activities at the corporate level using different base scenarios were analized
  • Assessed the influence changes in the business portfolio would have on the financial results of the company


  • A strategic plan for the company for a five-year period was developed
  • Identified a strategic planning process allowing for analysis of the results of activities, planning, and the supply of strategic needs, as well as identifying strategic initiatives and priorities
  • A financial model to the results of company activities model was built
  • A systematic approach to assessing the results of company actions throughout the organization was developed


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