Development of a system of controls


  • Sales of mobile telephones in Russia have been stable at more than 30 million sets a year over the last 3 years
  • The sale of mobile telephones imported via grey semi-legal schemes, occupies 5-7% of the market according to experts
  • Most of Russia’s population own a mobile telephone. Phones are more liquid in the second-hand market, and as such, 40% of thefts, robberies and assaults are related to illegal acquisition of mobile telephones
  • A decision was taken to develop a monitoring system to prevent the use of mobile phones that have been illegally imported or obtained via theft. Stakeholders should be involved in implementing the system, both government and private business


  • To develop the feasibility study concept and a system to control and prevent the use of mobile phones that have been illegally imported or which have been imported as a result of theft via organization of a IMEI database for mobile terminals
  • To develop a coordinated action plan to implement the system

Our approach

  • Identify the main aims for designing the system, along with implementation requirements and the needed plant and equipment in order to create a functioning system, as well as a forming the list of government participants (Ministry of Communications, Interior Ministry, FSB security service, Federal Customs Service), as well as the list of private businesses (mobile network operators, mobile telephone producers, equipment manufacturers)
  • Analyzed international experience while designing the system to control mobile phone circulation
  • Selected two fundamentally different approaches to organizing the system
  • Analyzed the Russian Federation’s existing legal and regulatory framework, proposing ways to improve it
  • Presented ways to build the system in a way that would to the maximum limit the import and use of mobile phones imported illegally or as a result of theft
  • Identified the hardware and functional architecture of the system, its subsystems, and their requirements
  • Created a plan to implement the system, describing the expected results from its implementation


  • Developed theoretical model and control system for the prevention of use of mobile phones imported illegally or obtained as a result of theft, via IMEI registration of mobile telephones
  • Developed and agreed action plan to implement the system


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