Assessment of funding needs. Large transport company


  • The client is a large transport company specializing in rail transportation and the transshipment of container goods
  • The client planned to enter the growing market for water, automobile and multimodal transport, warehousing and logistics services
  • The client planned an active investment program, attracting external financing


  • In a short period of time (1.5 months) to develop a financial model to simulate the new company’s new business and assess the possibilities, company value and its financing needs
  • To present the results of the model to interested influential groups


  • Assessed possible growth in the market in which the company aimed to enter, as well as positioning for the company
  • Built a detailed financial model covering the operational and financial activities of the company
  • Assessed the company’s value and financing needs
  • Highlighted the factors that will affect the company’s value most


  • Constructed a financial model of the company’s actions to 2012
  • Was given a presentation on the prerequisites and results of the financial model to interested and influential groups
  • The results of the modelling were used by the company to attract external financing


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