Provide Growth in Business Value


  • The paid-medicines market has continued to significantly grow, particularly in Russia’s largest cities. A big role in this has been development of the system of voluntary medical insurance
  • Demand for quality medical services has significantly increased, and the market has not consolidated: the share of the largest players is still less than 2%
  • At the current stage of market development, the profitability of private clinics in Russia is significantly above those in developed markets
  • However the situation is changing: insurance companies and financial investors are starting to invest in private medical clinics, and strong foreign players have entered the market
  • The client has a strong market position, has ambitious aims to increase the business’s value, and has a lot of offers from investors


  • To develop a strategy to grow the company for its owners, strengthen its position as a market leader in its segment, and guarantee growth in business value

Our approach

  • Analyzed the development strategies used by successful international medical clinics, along with the key developments in the medical services sector. Identified the key value-creating factors in the medical clinic market
  • Conducted an analysis of the Russian medical services market. Assessed the market’s size and forecast its growth potential; described its structure, dynamics and the demand drivers for medical services; assessed how offers are structured
  • Analyzed the strategies adopted by the key players, including the strong and weak points, the size of operations and their competitiveness
  • Conducted internal analysis of the company, looking at the efficiency of activities in general, the key competencies, identifying the competitive advantages, analyzing how attractive the existing customer groups are to better manage risk
  • Carried out quantitative research of patient satisfaction in clinics concerning the level of service received and the problems faced. Researched the satisfaction levels shown by staff working in the clinics, and also among partner insurance companies
  • Five strategic plans to develop the company were produced according to its criteria of maximizing potential growth in the value of the business, controlling the need for financing, and the likelihood of successful implementation
  • Built a digital working financial model for the clinics in order to assess alternatives, assess demand for financing and the potential to grow the company’s value
  • The chosen growth strategy guaranteed significant growth in the company’s business value while providing confidence in its implementation
  • Identified the priorities to deliver the strategy using the client’s internal working groups, and developed an action plan


  • In combination with the client’s team, we have developed a strategy to deliver growth for the company that guaranteed significant growth in the company’s value and strengthened its leading position on the market for medical services
  • Identified investment priorities. Defined priority areas for improvement within the company, including making recommendations on improving marketing, working better through sales channels with partners, and managing risk with directly attached and other client groups


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