Calculate the optimal number of personnel


  • A mobile phone operator in the Russian and CIS markets
  • All indicators in the key markets showed that the period of rapid growth was ending, requiring that the company change its priorities and improve its operational efficiency
  • A significant amount of staff costs in its operational costs resulted in high value initiatives to optimize staff levels as part of wider attempts to improve operational efficiency
  • The existing model for calculating the optimal number of personnel in the company’s call centers needed to be worked on in order to develop a single, obligatory-for-use organizational model for the entire business


  • To develop an algorithm to calculate the optimal number of personnel in the key areas of operation, taking into account regional differences and the activities of various departments
  • Analyzed and developed, based on the existing planning models, the ideal number of people for the call centers as part of a unified model for the company

Our approach

  • Based on analysis of internationally comparable firms and interviews with experts, the key factors that identified the optimal number of personnel for each of the company’s areas of activity were collated. This data showed the actual number of personnel and the key activities they performed in each of the company’s centers
  • A qualitative study was performed to highlight the existing problems in each of the company’s areas of activity
  • Based on the received data, a mathematical model was built to calculate the number of personnel based on the company’s preexisting best practice targets
  • Comparing the optimal number of personnel with the actual number identified key problems, and qualitative research identified possible reasons for this non-compliance
  • Based on analysis of the existing call center models and analysis of best practice, a unified model was proposed that would more accurately assess the need for personnel to handle incoming calls


  • Our calculation of the optimal number of staff was adopted as part of a group of initiatives to improve the company


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