Strategy to increase internal trade in the Russian Federation


  • Internal trade is vital to develop a country’s economy, as it develops the abilities of producers to bring their products to the market and potential customers. Trade additionally is vital in terms of adding value, creating employment and for providing tax revenue. A country’s level of trade directly affects the quality of people’s lives. In Russia, levels of trade lag behind levels in Western countries


  • To develop a strategy of internal trade improvement in the Russian Federation, allowing for government policies to be created that enhance trade in Russia
  • To develop a coordinated action plan for different government agencies to follow

Our approach

  • Analyzed the current state and development trends in the world and in Russia regarding domestic trade levels. Conducted more than 30 interviews with representatives of trade and industry, government agencies and the scientific community. Identified the sector’s significance to the economy and quality of life, as well as the key parameters that affect value. Exposed the gap between the Russian Federation and developed countries in these parameters, and identified the challenges to effective development of trade in Russia
  • Analyzed international experience of creating government policies to support different sectors. Analyzed the goals that helped government develop trade, as well as the methods and comparative effectiveness of the measures and how applicable they might be in the context of the Russian Federation. In cooperation with government agencies and industry experts, created the aims for trade development in Russia, along with specific performance goals. Chose the most effective methods to achieve them, and identified the specific activities to deliver implementation
  • In cooperation with government bodies, created a plan to realize the strategy and developed time-based measures to coordinate the efforts of various government agencies, allowing for the strategy’s objective to be achieved


  • Developed and delivered a strategy to develop trade, allowing for measures to be delivered faster and for critical sectors of the economy to receive more attention
  • Developed and agreed with the key actors (different government bodies) an action plan to deliver the strategy


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