Creating a system to manage production assets


  • A large Russian hydroelectric company was suffering high wear-and-tear and depreciation rates with its equipment. In accordance with technical norms and scheduled maintenance rules, multiple hydraulic turbines needed to be replaced. Yet this was neither technologically nor financially feasible


  • In conditions of limited financial resources, to find and justify clear and transparent selection criteria for the technical and financial experts for the type of turbine and to provide the timescale for replacing the hydro turbine

Our approach

  • With the help of leading international experts and the client’s technical specialists, a detailed analysis of the parameters and condition of each hydro turbine was conducted, with an index recording the conditions being formed
  • Analysis of the last hydro turbine accident took place to define and assess in monetary terms the risk to the client arising from the accident
  • Developed special model taking into account the state of the hydraulic turbine and calculating the probability of failure, the financial consequences should failure take place, replacement costs, and the cost of replacing and repairing a rolling hydro turbine, along with operating costs and other factors
  • Each turbine had the year it would need replacing and the timeframes for servicing clearly defined as a result of this work
  • Regulations were created and business processes harmonized to ensure repair and replacement of hydro turbines, ensuring agreement between the hydro stations and the executive management at the management company


  • Introduced standards to assess the condition of hydro turbines
  • Developed models capable of weighing a set of transparent criteria and issuing at the end of the year the type of technical work needed on the hydro turbines
  • The program to repair and replace hydro turbines was approved


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