Provision of strategy and organizational structure


  • Growth in mobile and internet technology led to a shift in demand from landlines to mobile and internet communications. The competition on these markets is fierce. Players in the TV market (especially in the cable network market) are actively competing for market share traditionally held by telecommunications players. The goal of many of these is to compete in three markets (video, internet, telephones)
  • Management of the company faced the question of formulating a long-term strategy in a deregulating market, while waiting for the firm’s controlling holding company to be privatized


  • To define which strategic initiatives the company should adopt to achieve firm and profitable growth
  • To understand which organizational structure applied in which way would guarantee achievement of the strategic initiatives
  • To reflect the strategic initiatives as part of the middle and senior management’s aims for the company

Our approach

  • Carried out comparative analysis on the results of the company’s activities against the results of other international telecommunication companies, identifying areas that are lacking
  • Analyzed key changes in the telecommunications sector in the world and in Russia, preparing an assessment of how these changes influence the company
  • Conducted number of brain storming sessions with the company’s management
  • Calculated results of implementing the new initiatives developed


  • Based on financial calculations, was implemented a strategic plan for the company’s development
  • Two of the proposed strategic initiatives are currently being undertaken
  • Together with the company’s managers, developed a complete organizational mode, preparing and delivering recommendations on optimizing the existing organizational structure
  • Developed and implemented ways to optimize the management system (purchases and how investment decisions were made)
  • Developed and introduced management system to deliver the aims of the company’s middle and senior management


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