"The Future of Jobs in 2018" report. The introduction of new technologies will allow to reduce 75 million jobs until 2022. At the same time, this will create 133 million new jobs.
Russian regions on the global competitiveness map Novosibirsk Oblast leads the top-30 regional ranking on global competitiveness. These results are presented in Report on the Competitiveness of Russia 2012 published today and prepared by Eurasian Competitiveness Institute in cooperation with Strategy Partners Group and Sberbank of Russia.
The business climate in Russia: OPORA RUSSIA Index 20102011 Strategy Partners Group and Eurasia Competitiveness Institute have completed their latest research project. The business climate in regional Russia does not meet the needs of small and medium businesses. The degree of discrepancy differs greatly from region to region, and is reflected in the rating of Russian regions in terms of quality for the development of SMEs.
Russia competitiveness report 2011. The report contains an extensive section profiling Russia and 26 other emerging and developed countries. The report also summarises the position of every country in the rankings and compares it to Russia by each parameter.
Practice researches "Government and noncommercial sector" International research projects in the field of the government and noncommercial sector allow us to receive the most actual information and examination.
Consultants Strategy Partners Group have analysed world experience of an exit of the companies from crises and strategy of an overcoming the crisis which have appeared the most successful.
"Stimulation of development of tourism in the Russian regions new possibilities". Report based on the basis of the analytical researches spent by the company within the limits of projects for the Russian regions, administrative controls, the commercial companies realized in 2008 2009.
"Labour productivity as a key factor of competitiveness in the Russian economy" based on 2008 analyses of projects for large and medium-sized Russian companies.
"Regions of Russia: a brief review of the economy profiles". The report shows that, overall, economic growth in Russia is determined by factors of economic development in individual regions. Still, the statistical data fails to confirm the existence of this trend leading to increased regional inequality. On the contrary, resource-rich regions tend to grow more slowly, while other regions show rapid growth, making them prime candidates for business development and investment. The Strategy Partners Group report Regions of Russia: a brief overview of the economy profiles provides a snapshot of the most attractive regions for investment.
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