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Real Estate & Construction

Efficient land asset and real estate management is an art form that requires both intuition and analytical prowess at a wide range of topics. These can include:

  • Looking at things from the viewpoint of prospective real estate investors: choosing the right real estate designs, winning buy-ins from potential stakeholders; ensuring compliance with construction timetables; finding the right moment to bring the real estate to market; and managing the financial and operating risks
  • Taking the view of construction companies: setting up an efficient supply chain and systems to guarantee performance quality
  • Looking from the point of view of industrial, financial and service companies: avoiding unnecessary expenses and leveraging the commercial potential of the real estate assets under ownership
  • Thinking from the point of view of prospective municipal and regional administrations: find ways to manage in the most efficient way possible your territorial resources in order to achieve sustained economic development and improved quality of life

Many of Russias largest projects in the real estate and construction market have relied upon SPGs profound industry expertise, based on leading international best practice. Our client list includes the biggest Russian Federation and CIS construction holdings, investment & development companies, private investors seeking to finance real estate projects, industrial and infrastructure companies, and regional administrations.

Our key project areas are:

  • Development company business enhancementincluding elaboration of development strategies, optimizing portfolios, along with organizational restructuring and IPO and M&A support.
  • Key process operating efficiency improvement models for investment & construction companies, including the implementation of lean construction processes and optimizing the material supply chains.
  • Project realization support for large-scale developers enhancing concepts, legal, organizational & financial realization road maps, and creating real estate & area development business plans (as required by financial institutions, e.g. OAO Sberbank of Russia, OAO Vnesheconombanc, etc.), including tourist real estate, recreation areas, industrial parks, exhibition & logistical facilities, and comprehensive area development projects.
  • Achieving Real estate management system excellence for large infrastructure, service and industrial companies, R&D and state institutions.

Selected project experience:

  • SPG analysed the current real estate utilization efficiency for the largest Russian infrastructure company, analysing the commercial impact of using unutilized or released assets, and developing recommendations regarding how to use assets better, as well as improving the approach to setting up the corporate real estate management system. All work was performed by the SPG team.
  • SPG supported a large industrial enterprise, outlining the possible redevelopment options for land not being currently utilized for production, including analyzing the opportunities to set up an industrial park/develop residential property/commercial or logistical facilities. SPG assessed financial & economic efficiency and the key project risks. All work was performed by the SPG team.
  • SPG enabled a regional development corporation to identify the best options for utilizing its available land assets (i.e. three land lots with an area exceeding 500 hectares), including identifying the current and potential unmet demand for multi-storey and suburban residences, industrial parks, hotels, offices, retail and logistical properties; evaluations of the financial, economic and social benefits from realizing the project, and developing a package of documents, i.e. developing a business plan and financial model to attract bank financing. All work was performed by the SPG team.
  • SPG enabled the Moscow City Department of Science, Industry & Entrepreneurship to evaluate the current efficiency of utilization levels of industrial areas in several Moscow administrative districts, to set up and systematize a land-user data base, and to design future area development and make land-user interaction plans.

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