New flow for the Moscow River

The winners of the international competition to plan development on the banks of the Moscow River was a consortium led by ‘Project Meganom’, a Russian company of architects. The program will form the basis of a long-term project to develop the Moscow River, and will be presented in April 2015 and fully completed closer to 2035.

The competition, organized by Stage Unitary Enterprise ‘NI and PI Genplan Moscva’ upon orders from MoscowArchitecture, started in late July and after 6 weeks had already received applications from 47 consortiums representing 216 companies from 15 different countries. In September, the jury selected 6 groups with the best concepts: the Netherland’s Maxwan Architects and Urbanists, Spain’s Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos, SWA Group from the USA, China’s Turenscape, and Russia’s Meganom and Ostozhenka architectural bureau.

Each finalist received 4 million Roubles as compensation for the costs incurred in developing their ideas. Meganom, the consultants who will develop the project further, will receive 6 million Roubles.

In addition to Meganon, the consortium included Britain’s Gillespies and John Thompson and Partners, Russian consulting company Strategy Partners Group, Italy’s Systematica, and international consultants Cushman & Wakefield.

The work to develop the territory along the Moscow River will take place in several phases and be completed by 2035.


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