Trucks over 7 tonnes to be banned from daytime-entry to MKAD

Moscow’s authorities are considering banning trucks weighing over 7 tonnes from accessing the city limits and MKAD ring road. M24.ru was informed of this by Deputy Head of the Department of Transport, Dmitry Savchenko, who stated that the final decision will be taken in 2015.

"The decision will be taken by Moscow government, but the idea won’t be considered until 2015” - said Savchenko. The aim of the ban is to free-up Moscow’s roads from heavy goods vehicles that have no direct need to be in the city. “We understand that we need to be careful about this: as there are many heavy vehicles that need to access the city – such as the vehicles of MosVodoKanal, MosGaz, and so on” - added Savchenko.

The Centre for Traffic Management (CTM) has allotted for November-December 2014 work to ‘produce and site information signs informing on restrictions imposed on the entry and movement in Moscow within the ring road’s perimeters vehicles of over 7 tonnes’. 8.7 million roubles have been allocated to complete this work.

Today, vehicles over 7 tonnes are banned from entering the Moscow Small Railway  Ring and Third Transport Ring.

Alexander Ermakov, Director at Strategy Partners Group (the Department of Transport’s cargo logistics consultant) explained that the banned zone needs to be carefully calculated. “On one hand, restrictions lead to goods being delivered at night, reducing freight traffic through the city; while on the other hand it leads to freight fragmentation – instead of using one large truck, more smaller ones are employed. The borderline where the permissible maximum weight crosses over into causing problems via increasing road traffic needs to be studied, and can only be assessed with the help of transport models”.

Ermakov considers that, even if new limitations are introduced, goods carriers will still be able to gain access to Moscow during the day if they have a real and valid need, such as removing finished goods from a non-stop production line, or to restock shops in residential areas.


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