Creator of the internet clothing shop KupiVIP.ru and the online car-selling service CarPrice, Oscar Hartmann, is now one of the largest owners in the new retail network ‘Simultaneously’. Simultaneously’s shops are gaining popularity using the ‘fix price’ format of selling a range of goods at a single fixed price. 

“These discounters are a niche market but have lots of promise. They won’t beat the big FMCG retailers, but they can earn on their capitalization growth”- said Partner at Strategy Partners Group, Vitaly Vavilov. The basic principle in these shops is to make a loss on some goods in order to hold the price down, but to make up for that by charging several times the price on other goods. The price of some products from China is a minute. “In a country where the population are not very cost-savvy, one single low price can interest many people. And it also allows consumers the ability to control expenses” - explained Vavilov.


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