Russia won the 50th place in the list of developed countries of the WEF

Russia won the 50-th place among 148 countries, rising up four points compared to 2013, in accordance with the 13-th Global Information Technology Report by the World Economic Forum (WEF). According to the WEF experts, the positive dynamics is associated with low cost access to infrastructure and high economic and social impact of information and communication technologies.

Among the weaknesses of the Russian economy, WEF experts call unfavorable business climate compared with other countries, lack of innovation, as well as the low level of utilization of the information technology by the State and business.

"Rating makes you ponder about how specific sectors of the Russian economy could stay behind the “digital revolution”, suffering the same fate as the book stores and music stores," said the coordinator of the WEF program to assess the competitiveness of Nations in Russia Alexey Prazdnichnykh. According to him, Russia today is needed in "ecosystem of strong industry players", which would become the suppliers of ideas and solutions for a new era of big data."


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