Moscow industrial zones could be developed using revitalization

Experts from the Strategy Partners Group consulting company offer their perspective on the possibilities of development of industrial areas in Moscow. Two authors wrote a column about the revitalization of the industrial zones specially for "RBC Realty": Elena Kiseleva, Partner, head of “Real estate and construction” practice, and Gleb Korneev, Project Manager, Strategy Partners Group.

The industrial zones of Moscow are about 16% (here and further data are based on the research of the Moscow Urban Forum-2013 "Archeology of the periphery") of the city territory (18.8 hectares), without taking into account the area of New Moscow. The issue of development or redevelopment is relevant to multiple groups. For the city authorities, where industrial areas represent potential for development and solution of a number of infrastructure and economic problems of the metropolis (housing, jobs, transportation, social). For city dwellers, for whom industrial zone in some cases reduce available city space, while others are a source of noise and environmental concerns. But above all, for the owners of the territory, including developers, which in the form of industrial zones have a reserve of unrealized value, which, according to expert estimates, is up to 2 trillion rubles.

Both in the world, and in the Russian practice, approaches to the development of industrial zones differ on the degree of changes to existing buildings and appointment and include:

  • the traditional approach, involving the demolition of existing and the construction of a new volume, as a rule, Office, apartment or warehouse property;
  • restoration of buildings and territory, the reconstruction of existing industrial land for residential or commercial purposes (for example, lofts);
  • an alternative approach, which can also be called revitalization. This approach involves a balance between commercial and residential areas and public spaces, and focuses on identity, design and communications of the space, looking for the creation of a multifunctional space, integrated into the urban environment as a result.


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