Perfomance excellence

The significant slowing down of the Russian economy, coupled with the volatile external environment, means that keeping your business, industry, organization or company stable is more important than ever.

Our customers experience shows that simple changes that do not require large-scale investment can lead to improved production processes, logistics, procurement, and repairs, and can significantly impact firms and provide them with a sustainable competitive advantage. New investments in conditions of limited budgets can also be made more effective than they were when things were good.

How can processes be organized, costs and losses reduced, and productivity increased? What, where and how can you make changes by yourself, and what do you need to outsource or buy? Where should you be directing investments for maximum impact? What does the optimal organizational structure look like, and how can people be effectively motivated within it? How can the introduced changes incorporate sustainability?

Strategy Partners Group in cooperation with our international experts, can provide effective answers not only to these questions, but also assistance in the development and implementation of new processes, with the guarantee of delivering measurable results.

Our approach is based on providing at first a short health check lasting up to four weeks, in which we identify the standard processes and resources used by the client in order to identify potential areas for the improvement of efficiency, and also to take the initiative and develop a plan to realise the Clients potential. If the customer accepts the diagnostic findings, our consultants begin implementation of the pilot phase of our plan in order to prove the achievability of the targets set and in order to support the training of the clients own team, which will carry forward the pilot program independently. We apply with flexibility the methodologies and best practice that are most relevant for the customer; and we engage the worlds best experts when a situation requires their skills. We work with people to ensure that they are trained during the project; and we work directly where value is created, be it on the shop floor, on a construction site, or in a factory production area.

Key areas of expertise

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