Organization design and change management

No matter how effective a corporate strategy is, 100% success will still remain unachievable if the organisational structure is inefficient or if management systems do not facilitate the transition of good ideas into real life. A strategy gives answers to what a company needs to do to achieve its strategic goals and which initiatives need be realised, whereas an efficient organisational structure reinforces responsibility and allocates authority at each level of an organisation in the quest to achieve targets and accomplish projects, while management systems define the rules and procedures for internal communication, both horizontally and vertically. If the goal is to ensure growth in the value of a business and there is an understanding of the value creation drivers, the organisational structure will allocate individual and collective responsibility for each driver. An organisations structure can only be called efficient if at every level the amount of allocated performance responsibility is balanced against the amount of authority given (for example, power to make decisions, manage resources or processes etc.) and the competencies established in a companys subordinated units.

The range of potential organisational issues is extensive, and for holdings with divisional structures and production companies focusing on one product, they are very different. For holding companies, the main issue is the interaction between the head office and its business units, whilst for production companies, the key problem area is identifying the key causes and effects in specific processes and functions (lack of process-ownership, overlapping responsibility, excess layers, etc).

For over 20 years, Strategy Partners Group has been successfully working on the improvement and optimisation of organisational restructuring projects for leading Russian companies and state institutions, which have either carried out projects with our support or attended workshops led by us which are focused on these issues. Based on global best practice and in-house accumulated experience, Strategy Partners Group have developed a unique method for dealing with these sensitive and complicated issues, along with a personnel training system for delivering these kinds of projects.

In the field of organisational structure and management systems, we provide the following services:

  • Design of targeted organisational structures for holdings and single companies
  • Development and implementation of performance management systems based on targets and benchmarks
  • Development of a change management program to support the transition from the current structure to the target structure
  • Support for integration of the organisational structures and management systems in mergers and acquisitions
  • Optimisation & reengineering of business processes & functions
  • Development of a corporate culture target model & change program

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