Mining and metallurgical Industry

A significant resource base and high level of integration between the key players in the chain have guaranteed a sustainable and competitive position for the Russian metals and mining industry. From this point in time, one can expect the industry to develop dynamically in the medium-term. Demand will be driven by a growing number of construction projects for infrastructure, housing, and machinery at the national level, along with increasing international demand from key importing countries.

At the same time, global trends – ongoing consolidations, the transferral of production to low cost economies, increasing operational efficiency, and process streamlining – are leading to lower global metals prices, impacting the efficiency of Russian enterprises.

In order to remain competitive, Russian metal & mining companies need to bring about large-scale changes aimed at increasing the sustainability of business models based on M&A, the implementation of projects and investment management, the optimisation of processes, and the settingup of continuous improvement systems. Strategy Partners Group, in cooperation with international experts, can render efficient assistance to players in the industry in order to accomplish these changes.

Our team has unique metals & mining project experience, from developing businesses or M&A strategies, through to implementing lean production and continuous improvement systems with proven economic benefits totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. We bring in both Russian and international experts, with vast amounts of project leadership experience in Russia / CIS and in global corporations. Our advantage is our combination of global best practice and understanding of the specifics of the Russian market, the integration of our strategic vision with a deep and detailed focus on operations.

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