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Industrial production and the military-industrial complex

The market landscape for industrial production in Russia, as in the rest of the world, is undergoing significant changes. The emergence of the 'Third Industrial Revolution' and the digital economy, along with the reindustrialisation of developing countries comprise the main tendencies influencing this sector.

At the same time, businesses, still recovering from the consequences of the 2008 global financial crisis, are already preparing for a new recession. And all of this is taking place against a backdrop of a growing deficit in the supply of qualified and professional staff, leading to a 'war for talent'.

For Russia, it should be noted that there is generally slow growth in the economy despite the background of multiple government defence orders and government support for rearmament programmes.

This demands a fundamental reassessment of business models. Increased operational efficiency, flexibility, and the implementation of networked working principles are all needed.

And yet at the same time, industrial companies are colliding with familiar barriers and problems: not enough financing due to the absence of cheap and long-term credit; the availability of surplus-to-requirement assets; technological backlogs; the burden of outdated equipment; supplier monopolies; and low worker productivity against the background of a labour-shortage.

Even more acutely, the problems associated with the underdevelopment of abilities in the field of project management and the lack of global supply chains (SCM) is being felt. Additionally, the lack of aftermarket servicing and engineering is causing problems.

Strategy Partners Group with over 20 years of unique experience and insight into solving these problems helps industrial companies find answers to strategic challenges, showing them how to increase the value of their businesses.

Strategy Partners Group's Partners, who implement and deliver these projects, are themselves former top managers of leading and specialist global companies, such as Agiplan, SAPartners, LCA, and Arthur D. Little.

Our extensive experience covers the following industrial sectors:

  • car manufacturing
  • the aerospace and defence industry
  • engine construction
  • light industry
  • timber factories
  • food manufacturers
  • producers of machinery and equipment
  • radio-electronics, electronic components, technical instruments, consumer electronics
  • shipbuilding
  • transportation equipment
  • manufacturers of chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Our main services cover the following areas:

1. Strategy:

  • Defining the corporate strategy and managing the business's portfolio.
  • Developing strategies for business-units.
  • Developing market-entry strategies and international expansion plans.

2. Organisation:

  • Designing operational models, planning production systems, outsourcing and managing suppliers.
  • Managing the portfolio of programmes and risks associated with new products.
  • Developing organisational structures and management systems.
  • Delivering business change and transformation.

3. Operations:

  • Developing complex programmes to increase organisational effectivity.
  • Developing sales systems.
  • Procurement optimisation.
  • Implementing continuous improvement programmes.

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