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Electric power industry and housing and economic complex

Today, the Russian electricity & power generation industry is on the one hand pressed by tight tariff regulations, and on the other challenged by the requirement to fulfill obligations to the state to develop new capacity and ensure the reliable supply of electricity customers. Another challenge faced by private investors and arising from the existing regulations is obtaining a return on any investments and ensuring value creation in the businesses. Similar issues are relevant for companies providing central heating and water supplies to urban areas in Russia.

Our experience in the industry proves that there is measurable potential to increase the operational efficiency of productive assets, with average decreases in costs per unit of 20-50% and potential increases in reliability of 1.5 - 2 times, as well as the potential to encourage greater interaction and control over the activities of affiliates & subsidiary units, in the formation and development of management investment programs. Successful application of the best management practice ensures the required level of reliability and service quality as well as higher business value creation based on lower operating and investment costs.

To deliver on projects in this industry, Strategy Partners Group has established a partnership with UMS Group, an international and leading specialist consulting company from the US, in the area of improving the efficiency of operations & asset management in the power & public services/utilities industry. UMS Group is the founder and sponsor of some major global consortiums of power companies, such as ITOMS, IGBC and IDBC, which UMS coordinates for the purpose of exchanging best practice, information and data regarding bringing about improvements in operational efficiency.

Key services:

  • Elaboration of development strategies aimed at maximising business value
  • Operating efficiency improvements & cost reductions based on benchmarking & lean technology
  • Improvement of strategic planning & the efficiency of investment management systems, based on, amongst other things, the Spend Optimisation Suit software tool
  • Establishment of productive asset management systems
  • Optimisation of organisational structures & subsidiary management systems
  • Development of innovation & technology strategies

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