Corporate finance

Funding strategies

An appropriate strategy is the best guarantee of corporate success. We assist with thorough analysis of existing market situations, selection of a number of development options, and identification of the best choice. International expertise and extensive project implementation experience allow us to take account of all relevant factors, which in turn enables us to identify and support effective decisions by business owners and managers.

Strategy due diligence

A carefully crafted strategy is crucial for the success of each business unit. Strategy development includes marketing analysis, identification of the most attractive segments, determination of key demand drivers, and deciding which products and services should be offered in the individual target segments. It is also important to put the right growth mechanisms in place, both at company level and business unit level.

Value-based management

We help company owners and managers seeking growth via mergers, acquisitions, and strategic alliances to understand what are the key competences and assets required of the company to implement such a strategy, what an ideal merger, acquisition or alliance partner looks like, what the optimal asset cost is, and how much time will be needed for full integration.


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