Anti-crisis services

A struggling economy and economic crisis can present difficulties to even the best companies. Should growth strategies be rewritten? Should investment programs be continued or cut? Most of all, what should management be focusing on to ensure the company even survives?

Strategy Partners Group has an entire suite of offerings that don’t just keep you going, but enable you to flourish – even in a crisis!

Our anti-crisis services include:

  1. Operational level restructuring – a collection of measures to increase profitability and liquidity
  2. Your business model changing in the middle of a crisis – identifying your key business priorities and parameters, and adapting to changing situations
  3. Releasing resources – preparing to exit a business during a crisis in order to refocus shareholder capital on different areas
  4. Effective mergers and acquisitions – choosing partners and organizing mergers and acquisitions to take advantage of new emerging opportunities as the situation changes
  5. Management of problem assets  – selling, restructuring and managing non-core assets
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